Airline Branding and Scent Marketing


Branding in competitive fields such as the aviation industry is crucial not only in order to attract new customers but mostly in order to create a loyal customer basis that will eventually become your brand ambassadors. As we have stated on a previous post, the world’s best airlines have one thing in common: excellence in design!

Some airlines, fully understand the power and the effect emotional branding has to its clientele, that besides the standard branding applications, such as aircraft livery, clothing design, airport lounge interior design etc., they take an extra step and invest on Scent Branding & Marketing.

For example, Singapore Airlines takes this Scent Branding to the next level with a standard company scent. Hot towels and perfume worn by flight attendants are standardized to a single fragrance, Stefan Floridian Waters. This patented aroma has been specifically designed to complement the airline’s brand, and has become their trademark fragrance.

In the near future, we will see commercial airlines to be passionate and invest in such subtle details in order to create a strong following and good word of mouth through unique air experiences.

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