Agricultural Branding for Success


Farmers have normally sold their products as commodities. This means there is no appreciable difference between the tomatoes raised by Farmer Joe and the tomatoes raised by Farmer Smith. One kilo of tomatoes will directly substitute for any other kilo of tomatoes. However, value-added agriculture allows farmers to differential their products from the products of others. Product differentiation means that your product is somehow different or better than the neighbours. The way to bring this difference to the attention of your customer is by branding your product. Branding allows you to clearly identify and personalise the superior nature of your product relative to those of your competitors. If your brand succeeds in convincing your customer that you have a superior product, it follows that the customer will be willing to pay more for your product relative to the products of your competitors. You have the best product in the world, but it will not sell unless your packaging is equally brilliant. Branding & Packaging design is important because it is a part of your brand identity. There is a difference between simply wrapping up your product and good packaging design and consistent branding. The quality and values you express are perceived by consumers not only in the product they are purchasing, but the packaging as well. What can good packaging design It can increase revenues It increases the value of the goods It improves the perception of the product How does good packaging design do these things? By charging a premium By using quality materials By fashioning intriguing designs Good packaging design thus adds value to your product without changing the product itself. If you are still not convinced of the value of packaging design, then think of the packaging of the following examples: · Pringles tins · Standing bags (e.g. M&Ms) · The classic Coca-Cola bottle · Tetra Brik (brick by Tetra Pak) By now you should know that good packaging design is a part of your brand identity and that it can add value to your product without altering that product itself. You must be careful, however, that you do not over do it. You should stick to your product strategy, brand identity, and communication practices. You may also have a look at an

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example of packaging design, which is a part of the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). More news and updates on this topic will follow soon. To stay up to date, you may: – see our KOEL FRESH packaging here – see our OLIVE COUNTRY packaging here – revisit our News & Views section, – follow us @dotkite, – subscribe to our RSS feed.

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