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Dot Kite website on WordPress Showcase


We are glad to announce that WordPress, the most popular online publishing platform, selected for its Showcase under the categories Design, Innovative, Content Management System, rewarding as one of the most well-designed and developed websites that use WordPress. Read more

Successful business case study Olive Country by Dot Kite


Dot Kite | Lab has recently designed Total Consumer Experience for Olive Country in order to create a solid brand image and to help the client boost its sales into the Dutch market through major Dutch retail stores. Only after a small period of the project completion and delivery, we are proud to announce that Olive Country has already built a business relationship with major accounts in the Netherlands. Read more

The importance of fonts for Corporate Identities


There are some fonts which are used so often that have truly become standard scripts. In the field of the web, these are mainly Verdana and Arial and in the publishing area Helvetica, Frutiger and Futura. But it’s not the missing personality, it’s rather the occurrence of the usage when a font seems less individual. How could an identity stand out from the crowd, when the mass uses only Frutiger? It’s obvious: We need to work with new fonts. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab signs TCE contract with Club Restaurant in Athens


We are pleased to announce that Dot Kite | Lab signed a contract with Attalos Bar/Club/Restaurant in Athens, Greece. This will be one more major Total Consumer Experience project in Greece, helping Attalos to offer the best experience to its customers and communicate its values and high-quality services. Read more

Airline branding | How design can help Airliners


Successful global brands all share similar elements, with this happening in airline branding as well. The key to success in the fast changing global arena is the development of unique Brand Strategies with sharp and solid methods of implementation. Read more

Design with love


In this modern, hectic era where people check their e-mail and update their tweets or Facebook posts more often than talking to each other face-to-face, everyone feels the lack of normal human warmth.
After all the virtual socialising tendencies, the world will return to a more traditional, real-life way of communicating. Sending messages online will never be able to substitute this. Read more

Design from birth


There is a push for better design in more and more corners of our everyday lives. The times of something being purely engineered are quickly fading as design infiltrates more corners of the market. Massive corporations are beginning to realize the power in their design departments and how creating beautiful products speaking a better language can create more productive business. Read more

Thomas Mylonas at Global Entrepreneurship Week video


Dot Kite’s founder and CEO, Thomas Mylonas, participates in the 2009 Global Entrepreneurship Week video, where speakers from all over the world talk about their passion, and the importance of entrepreneurship and GEW at a local and global scale. Read more

Apolis restaurant design | 45 days to Total Consumer Experience


Dot Kite | Lab transformed Apolis from a old-fashioned restaurant with a downgraded image to a completely new restaurant offering a superb-quality experience in only 45 days. Dot Kite | Lab managed this Total Consumer Experience (TCE) project from initial sketch to turn-key delivery. In our previous post we showed to you how Apolis restaurant looked before and after we were called to action. In this post, you will be able to follow the Apolis project step by step, from the initial sketch, till the 45th day of delivery. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab signs contract with Greek Archipelago


We are pleased to announce that Dot Kite | Lab signed a contract with Greek Archipelago.
Dot Kite | Lab will be responsible for the Strategic Branding and Communication of the company, helping Greek Archipelago to establish a solid and dynamic brand in a highly competitive industry. Read more

Designing an H1N1 vaccination


It is autumn 2009, the H1N1 flu that for a moment seemed innocent is becoming more threatening. From a scientific perspective there is a vaccine available. So why to be anxious? Well, perhaps many of us know the famous line from our childhood: ‘easy… it is not something to be afraid of…’ Read more

Financial crisis and design trends


The financial crisis has been over our heads for quite some time now, but it is beginning to turn. Undeniably, it is a good opportunity for fresh, innovative designers to reveal their way of thinking with regards to new retail concepts, use of material, interior and products. We, here at Dot Kite, discussed about the design trends that will shape the look of our world after the crisis. Read more

Apolis restaurant design | before and after


Dot Kite | Lab conceived, designed, developed and delivered a remarkable concept for the standards of Athens city and Greece. Dot Kite | Lab transformed Apolis restaurant from an out-fashioned restaurant to a high-quality one, managing the whole Total Consumer Experience (TCE) project from the initial sketch till the end. Read more

Twitter, its design past, present and future


Design in Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires; in various disciplines and modules, with national and/or international influences, aiming at a local and/or global impact. Similarities and differences, with one definite common approach: our effort to feed potential customers, media professionals, art lovers, entrepreneurs, amateur and professional designers with the latest development on our work. Did I say feed? Well, someone with the basic knowledge on online social networking should already shout loud: TWEET! Read more

The future of gastronomic retail interiors


We are at the dusk of 2009, and after two years of financial turbulence and instability, we can surely say that consumers became even more demanding, pay more attention to where they spend their time and money, and are much more critical and well informed with regards to what they consume. Read more

Two operational years for Dot Kite in Athens


Apart from the closing of a successful year, the end of 2009 signals the completion of two operational years for Dot Kite’s office in Athens, Greece. During these two years, Dot Kite managed to be recognized as one of the most dynamic multidisciplinary design companies in Greece, renowned for the high-quality of its design and business services. Read more

Thomas Mylonas’ guest lecture at ESADE


Tomorrow November 4th 2009, the founder and CEO of Dot Kite Thomas Mylonas, will give a guest lecture at ESADE business school, one of the most highly recognized business schools at a European and global level. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab welcomes new member


With this news post I would like to officially welcome Line Oehlenschlaeger to the Dot Kite design team in our Amsterdam office. Line comes from Denmark and will enhance Dot Kite’s multicultural environment and creative diversity. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab signs new contract with Food Bar in Milan


We are pleased to announce that Dot Kite | Lab signed a new contract with a High-End food bar in Milan, Italy. This will be one more major Total Consumer Experience project in Italy that will help the new food bar to offer the best experience to its customers, and communicate its values and high-quality services through its Brand and Retail Experience. Read more

Breaking the design rules


In graphic design and design in general, at first you have to learn the traditional evolved rules, which have been established to ensure consistent and usable design. None of us designers can skip that first step. We always keep these rules in mind and ask ourselves how to create something which achieves the right balance between unity and tension (in this strict system). But do we have to strictly follow these instructions? Read more

Sustainable by Design


Accelerated by the financial meltdown and a growing demand for green services, the craze over sustainability is just as difficult to grasp as a hieroglyph. Is there a word more used and less understood than the S-word?

As brand strategists and communication experts we ask ourselves the odd question everyday: What is sustainability? Who produces it? Where can I buy some? And we help our clients reflect on their own questions: What does it have to do with my business? Does it make my knowledge current or obsolete? Read more

Dot Kite explores the Asian market


As the Asian economies and cultures evolve at a fast pace, at Dot Kite we identified the increasing need for higher quality services in the Asian design industry. Therefore, and after its successful presence in the European market, Dot Kite is glad to announce that is currently investigating the Asian market with a special emphasis on China. Read more

Thomas Mylonas’ speech at TEDxAthens


Yesterday, Thurday 22nd of October, Thomas Mylonas was the closing speaker of the first TEDxAthens that took place in Microsoft’s central offices in Athens. The event has been sold out for the last month, while 40 VIP tickets have been distributed to selected guests. Read more

Wake up, Designers!


As designers, we constantly play the role of expert with every new project proposal. We are forced to understand our current market segments, our users, problems, overall design understanding and in the end come up with a variety of creative results. Times are changing, though. Fleeting are the days of irresponsible design in which designers did not have to be concerned with where their products ended up, how environmentally friendly the manufacturing processes were or living without the concept of ‘cradle to cradle’. Read more

Stand out from the crowd


The financial crisis still goes on and – according to experts – will last at least until next year. During these difficult times it’s so much more important for a company to have a straight and clear communication outwards to hold one’s ground. The best chances to gain this goal is to strengthen the identity with a good corporate design which turns out appealing to the consumer. Read more

We say jump!


Your health belongs to us now… This may sound like a bold statement; who are we to claim you? Yet, with current societal developments it may soon become reality. An aging population already puts a burden on our healthcare systems. We simply cannot afford to have more unhealthy people walking around. When the system overloads, we all experience its consequences one way or another. Services go down or prices will rise. Read more

Better online experience for Dot Kite’s visitors


It has been more than a month since we launched our new website. In that period, we had the chance to receive your enthusiastic comments and critical observations that gave us the opportunity to think on how to make it better and achieve even highest standards in online experience.

Therefore, taking under consideration your feedback we worked towards the further improvement of the website. We would like to announce that from this morning, has been updated and now each page has a unique url, providing everyone with the opportunity to share with great easiness:
- a post under the news section, or
- a project from our portfolio. Read more

Retail Experience Design


The retail stores and malls of our society have the need to evolve on daily basis. If in the fashion boutique stores, the large supermarkets, the entertainment industry etc. the concept of updating the in-store experience is a reality during the last years, in the traditional retail stores this has not happened yet. Read more

Design: the most affordable luxury


Just as we continue to be surrounded by the worst economic news most of us can even remember, extreme luxury offers are more ubiquitous than ever. Take last weekend’s edition of the Financial Times. On the cover there is a lower right corner box that advertises an FT Global Event conference titled ‘Lessons Learnt from the Financial Crisis’. The point being, we should indeed learn something. But just above the main headlines a banner reads: ‘The world’s most luxurious website HOWTOSPENDIT.COM launches today’. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab delivers Total Consumer Experience to Olive Country


We are proud to announce that Dot Kite | Lab has delivered Total Consumer Experience to Olive Country.

Olive Country is a Dutch-based company that brings olive oil, herbs and spices and other greek products in the Netherlands. The company owns and grows its olive trees in the South of the Peloponese, Greece, born with the aim to bring to your table what the locals enjoy on a daily basis. Soon, you will be able to experience Olive Country in major Dutch retail stores. Read more

Hitler on a billboard


If you should live in Germany these days, its likely that you ran into some posters or videos from Hitler, Stalin and Hussein promoting safer sex.

With the motto “Aids is a mass murderer”, german association Regenbogen e.V. started a campaign on the occasion of the world aids day 2009 which makes massive waves: This campaign has initiated a huge discussion in the german media – the feelings range from “annoyed” to “deeply shocked”. Read more

Dot Kite | Lab welcomes new members


As we have officially changed season, this autumn brings us here two new members at the Dot Kite team.
With this news-post, I would like to officially welcome Kristen and Sabrina to our Dot Kite design team in Amsterdam. Read more

A designer’s natural habitat


I believe designers were born with a particular genetic makeup. In case you have not noticed we are a unique breed. It is amazing to observe designers in their natural habitat, tackle a challenge, like an animal on the hunt, placing on the cap of ‘expert’, flooding pages and pages of thoughts, ideations and vigorous effort until that glorious “aha” moment happens or when the design is, dare I say it? Finished. Read more

Breathing life into your business through design


It was in the early 2007 when the first signs of the financial crisis made their presence. Several companies have been facing the danger of bankruptcy, while others have been looking forward to the opportunity for growth by taking the market share of the bankrupt ones. Read more

A home for design?


How much of who we are, as designers, is dictated by where we come from? It becomes the age-old question of nature v/s nurture. Do we learn what ‘good’ design is based up on our cultural upbringings or more so by formal training? Many times designers stereotype design by cultural location. Such as, “Oh, that portfolio is so German. Very Bauhaus-esque”. Why do we continue to categorize on such a level of boundary in the fast-paced, diverse market of today when the language design is meant to be universal? Read more

Thomas Mylonas at ESADE


Thomas Mylonas, the founder and CEO of Dot Kite, will give a guest lecture at ESADE business school, one of the most highly recognized business schools at a European and global level. Read more

Re-imagine the doctor’s coat


In a hospital, a doctor’s coat may seem the most safe and comfortable object, and to many of us it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. However, not many people realize that it may also be a very dangerous one, as it is indicated that the uniforms may be among the most contaminated objects; a walking vehicle of pathogens. Read more

Design and Globalization


When you think ‘Dutch’, you immediately think, wonderful typography, and an appreciation and open mindedness for other culture. ‘German,’ still greatly influenced by the Bauhaus, is more rigid, detailed, striving for perfection. And ‘American’ gripped by the bright colours of POP, is always busy. But do our surmise really exist, can we still think of Style on a National level? Read more

Thomas Mylonas at TEDx Athens


Thomas Mylonas, the founder and CEO of Dot Kite, will be one of the key speakers at TEDxAthens that will take place in Microsoft’s central offices in Athens on Thursday the 22nd of October. TEDxAthens seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a regional level, bringing together innovators and inspirational speakers in Athens, Greece. In that respect, Thomas Mylonas will talk about Creativity and Design. Read more

How we can design ourselves a better health


Healthcare is a complex matter. When healthy we seem to feel invulnerable. And only when sick we are confronted with the notion of health. In my personal opinion, new technologies strongly influence our image of healthcare.

The current H1N1-flu for example, encourages a huge faith in a possible vaccine. It is like wanting to have a software-update for your system. And since it is too difficult to engineer this for ourselves, we need superb hackers of the human body to fix our systems. Without them, humanity seems doomed. Read more

Message from CEO


On behalf of Dot Kite team, I would like to officially welcome you to our new website and introduce you to our unique world of design, innovation and new visual & aesthetic experiences.
The world – and the way it does business – has changed dramatically since our founding in the end of 2005. It is now just as easy to do business with a company on the other side of the world as with the one located next door, and therefore we have invested heavily and updated Dot Kite’s online presence. Read more